debutant :)

07-13, the day I turn a year older. Didn’t throw the biggest party instead had a good movie date and dinner date with the boys. 21 is the age where boys are called “debutant”. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! 🙂 I’m 21 not entirely a boy but hey! I existed because I have a father right? which which would mean that I’m also a boy by cell-ish? 😀 the birthday thing i was and still am planning to have is to treat people I do not know. people who need me and people whom I can share my 21st year meaningfully. It’s sad to think that I didn’t get the chance to do it on my birthday since I can’t afford yet. But I certainly am preparing for it now. 🙂 it’s never too late right? 😀 anyway, it didn’t go the way i planned it but I AM SO BLESSED and GRATEFUL to have guys like them in my life. i felt like i was a princess that day 😀 thanks so much to daddy for giving me the GREATEST PRESENT anyone could have-the gift of life. In this chapter, I would make myself useful and available to people who would need me. I would maximize the talent that He have given me. I would explore more on the beautiful world that he have been providing for me 🙂 FOREVER i would be grateful to have this additional year in my life. 😀


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