hello brothers and sisters! 🙂
Allow me to share something that I’ve been struggling to answer. To begin with, we were having our household(a group activity that the CFC-YFC community is doing every month). During households, we say our praises, lift our concerns to the Almighty, and group discussions. The household head gave us 2 questions and share to the group what our answers were. Since we were running out of time, not everybody got the chance to share their answers which includes me. I would like to share what I thought but I was struggling with the right words to say and how would I construct and start my answer. So the household ended with my heart full of words and experiences from which I have learned and which tested my faith in Him a lot. The questions were what is the capability of your God and How’s your faith in God? I’m gonna share to you my answers to the questions.

It may be cliché to say that God is the most powerful of all but it is inevitably true. He is so powerful that he is capable of basically ANYTHING that happens in Life. From the day we were born till the day that we will die. Yes, it’s in his capacity to end anyone’s life. It is part in his capabilities when he took my mother away from me. He is that powerful that he even left me with no mother. My mother whom I considered my strength and my ally. I was just 20 years old by then. At the age of 20, the world was getting bigger and a lot of road options were opened. So, that age would have been some how the perfect age to ask for your strength to guide you in a lot of life decisions to make. But God chose to take away my ally and my strength. This may be a sad story to read but He is powerful and Capable of what’s going on with me since day one. If I were to describe His Capability based on what’s happening in my life. I would have to say that his Capability is like all the words you can find in the dictionary. Sometimes, we may not like it and fully understand it but someday we’re gonna understand them anyway. His capability may be unexplainable in a single word but His plans for me and you are for our own good.

My faith in Him is shaken sometimes but despite the strong shakes, it never got broken. In times when He decide to send earthquakes in my life. I get curious and yes I would admit that I get worried too. I may not know what He is up to but I know that my trust in Him will never be broken. The stronger the earthquake, the more faith I have for him. 🙂


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