6 years & 4 months after

March of 2009 during our graduation practices, my friends and I use to imagine events closer to our graduation rites. we would use to exchange imaginations like, what if one of our friends was the valedictorian? how would we feel? or what if during our graduation rites, our crush or one of our crushes would give us a bouquet? how would we even react? almost every practice, we exchange ideas and imaginations. But the most romantic imagination was thrown by me. It happened when the class valedictorian was speaking her valedictory speech (of course, it wasn’t her actual speech. just for the sake of practice.) after delivering her speech, she was about to go down and we applauded her ( for practice sake again). then the light bulb for imaginations lightened up and there i go feeling so in love with my own imagination. I immediately shared what was running on my head with my friends. i told them that “what if we had a boyfriend, and then he happens to be the valedictorian or he happens to have many awards then after the graduation,we would approach our boyfriend and tell him ‘congratulations baby. you did a great job! :)’ then he would reply ‘i wouldn’t could have done it without you’ *hands you over one of his medals and hugs you tight*. and then the next thing I was seeing was the smile on their faces with their “so in love eyes”. YES! it was just our imagination. But! it made us squeal and “gigil” for quite a long time. HAHAHA

Now i know you’re wondering how does that relate to this post…

Last July 26 2015, a similar thing happened to me. Although, it wasn’t the same event with the 2009 imagination thingy and the lines that has been delivered was very different too. What made it similar were, the part where he gave me his medal and that was his only medal for the sports which he and his teammates one 1st place with. and of course, ” THAT FEELING”… I mean that feeling that didn’t just gave me butterflies in my stomach but caught me off guard. I swear It made me speechless and froze myself for a few seconds after reading that text message he sent me. He may not be able to hand it to me on the said time but damn! it felt so good. thinking about it made me realize i never that for how many years, someone will eventually do it to me. I forgot about the 2009 but the 11806428_10207046115133532_489465395_omoment it happened to me. flashback of 2009 was running in my head. the feeling was even stronger than that imagination of mine. it felt really really good. How can somebody so amazing and at the same time so sweet?? uuurgh! caught me off guard every time i replay about it in my head. I must have done something good to be treated like this. sooo kilig! butterflies everywhere. :3 :3 :3 :3


I Love You. 🙂


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